Werth QuickInspect

Werth QuickInspect

Werth QuickInspect

The modern profile projector


  • Image processing machines for fast and precise digitising of large workpieces
  • Unites profile projector and measuring microscope
  • Traceable measuring results via PTB length measurement standard
  • Quick comparison with CAD data via Werth Bestfit
  • Simulation of e.g. insertion gauges with Werth ToleranceFit (patent)

Machine Specs

  • Available Measuring Sensor - Werth image processing sensor
  • Fields of View - 0.8 mm x 0.6 mm up to 230 mm x 180 mm (special ranges upon request)
  • Measuring range - 250 mm x 125 mm or 400 mm x 200 mm
  • Maximum permissible length measurement error - down to 0.25 µm


Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Plastics-Moulding, Electronics


Shop Floor, Gauge and Quality Laboratory