Werth TomoScope S

Werth TomoScope S

Werth TomoScope S


  • Multisensor coordinate measuring machine for 3D measurements using the principle of Computed Tomography, in combination with additional sensors (tactile sensor systems, optical sensors)
  • Robust granite base with integrated air bearing rotary axis
  • Optional second Z-axis for collision-free operation in multisensor mode
  • In both design and construction, the measuring machine meets the legal requirements for a fully protective device according to x-ray device regulations. Additional safety features have been included over and above the legal requirements.
  • Modular structure guarantees customized solutions for individual applications
  • Grid tomography to extend the measurement area (optional)

Machine Specs

  • Micro focus X-ray source up to 240 kV
  • Measuring Range - In The Image : Ø =204 mm - L =213 mm - Ø =204 mm
  • Measuring Range - Using Raster Tomography : Ø =204 mm - L =398 mm
  • Foot Print - Depth: 1135 mm, Width: 2120 mm, Height: 1713 mm


Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Plastics-Moulding, Electronics


Shop Floor, Computed x-ray Tomography