ScopeCheck® FB-DZ

ScopeCheck® FB-DZ

ScopeCheck® FB-DZ

Precision and Accuracy


  • Machine with a fixed bridge design
  • Heavy duty granite base for increased stability and improved accuracy
  • Easy measurement of large workpieces using multiple sensors with reduced risk of collisions
  • Contour image processing for fully automatic measurements of simple and complex geometrical elements
  • Temperature compensation included for accurate measurement on the shop floor

Machine Specs

  • Measuring Range : X from 400 (530) mm to 1500 (1630) mm
  • Measuring Range : Y from 500 mm to 1000 mm, Z from 350 mm
  • MPE (Maximum permissible length measurement error) : down to 1.5µm
  • Foot Print : Depth 1700 mm to 2550 mm, Width: 1025 mm to 2100 mm, Height: 2265 mm


Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Plastics-Moulding, Electronics


Shop Floor, Gauge and Quality Laboratory